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For operations under a "stay-at-home" or "shelter-in-place" order

National News

Farm Families Worry About Coronavirus’ Lasting Impact

from AFBF

Behind every devastating drop in cattle, corn, ethanol and other crop futures, there are farm and ranch families with suddenly shaky futures.

Minnesota cattle rancher Peter Bakken and his brother are fourth-generation family farmers. Bakken’s son currently works with a nearby cattleman, but Bakken has every intention of bringing him

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State News

Animal shelters adapt and adjust to COVID-19

from NCDA&CS

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions across the state for many. When your operation relies on a steady supply of volunteers and community outreach, the shut down of services can be especially hard.

Animal shelters across the state have shut their doors to visitors, but they are working in unique

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Animal care, other work continues on research stations despite pandemic

from NCDA&CS

This morning before a single ray of sunlight hit the Cherry Research Farm, two workers showed up to milk the cows. In the dark of 4 a.m. their shift began on the farm in Goldsboro.

About 140 dairy cows need milking every day, twice a day – seven days

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Rice Krispies Treats with Chocolate and Pretzels

from NCDA&CS

Photo via Ryan Liebe for The New York Times

So, you’re stuck at home.

It’s a familiar situation for many people right now. Staying inside and working from home has become the new norm as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. Being shut in all day comes with its

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