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This Month’s Book:

The Honey Makers

Written & Illustrated by: Gail Gibbons

Ever wondered how a jar of honey is made? Thousands of bees visit more than one million flowers to gather the nectar that goes into a one-pound jar of honey. Every page in this picture book reveals how these remarkable insects work together to create this amazing food. With detailed illustrations and diagrams, Gail Gibbons offers a classroom-ready nonfiction picture book that makes complex scientific concepts understandable and entertaining for young readers.

This Month’s Chapter Book:

Esperanza Rising

Written by: Pam Munoz Ryan

Esperanza Ortega possesses all the treasures a girl could want: dresses; a home filled with servants in Mexico; and the promise of one-day presiding over El Rancho de las Rosas. But a tragedy shatters that dream, forcing Esperanza and her mother to flee to Arvin, California and settle in a farm camp. There, they confront the challenges of work, acceptance, and economic difficulties brought on by the Great Depression.

North Carolina Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom is an educational program that is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the importance of agriculture in North Carolina. The program strives to achieve this mission in recommending books for use as additional resources to PreK – 12th grade educators. Each month we offer a book for anyone looking for a valid ag-related resource to utilize in the classroom. Each book will have accompanying activities of high-quality that can be integrated into lesson plans at various grade levels. The total purchase of one book is $5.00 and can be purchased until copies are sold out.

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