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This Month’s Book:

How to Grow an Apple Pie

Written by: Beth Charles
Illustrated by: Katie Rewse

It’s easy to make an apple pie, but what does it take to make the apples? Sophie is about to find out! First, the apple trees need to be about six years old—just like Sophie. Next, they need to be pruned, and the bees have to pollinate their blossoms! After that, the tiny apples grow through the summer until they’re ready to pick in the fall. Finally, it’s time for Sophie to make the perfect pie!

North Carolina Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom is an educational program that is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the importance of agriculture in North Carolina. The program strives to achieve this mission in recommending books for use as additional resources to PreK – 12th grade educators. Each month we offer a book for anyone looking for a valid ag-related resource to utilize in the classroom. Each book will have accompanying activities of high-quality that can be integrated into lesson plans at various grade levels. The total purchase of one book is $5.00 and can be purchased until copies are sold out.

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