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“Participating in the LEAD Program was ideal in terms of building self-confidence…”

Dalton Dockery, Columbus County, Class of 2013-14

“….. don’t let the staff fool you – there is work involved on your part. But they do a great job putting together a program of great team building skills that will develop you as a leader. At the end of the day you will look back and cherish every minute…”

Charles and Karen Herlocker, Stanly County, Class of 2017-18

“The LEAD program helped me step out of my comfort zone and helped broaden my knowledge of agriculture in North Carolina.”

Anthony Locklear, Robeson County, Class of 2005-06

“Our experience with LEAD was one of the most rewarding and educational programs that we have had the opportunity to be involved with. We learned more about Farm Bureau, leadership, and how to tell our story in a positive and respectful way… Because of LEAD we went from just being members so we could buy insurance to our current involvement.”

Michael & Renee McPherson, Alamance County, Class of 2009-10

“Being involved in LEAD has helped us be able to tell our agricultural story to others and we would definitely recommend this program to others.”

Chad & Brenda Blake, Wilkes County, Class of 2015-16

“The classes and workshops were challenging, but necessary to equip us with good communication skills to advocate for our farm and all agriculture… Our work in Washington DC was really enlightening, as we learned how important our voices are. Thank you NCFB for such a worthwhile program!”

Buddy & Allison Clement, Sampson County, Class of 2011-12

“Farm Bureau presented us with the most professional skill building seminars and meetings while helping us to make friendships with people across the state of NC in the agricultural industry….”

Tommy & Vickie Porter, Cabarrus County, Class of 2007-08

“The LEAD Program has proven its effectiveness by yielding results – producing an abundant source of leaders in rural communities, churches, and Farm Bureau….”

Mac Hodges, NCFB LEAD Program Team Leader

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