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Public Policy

North Carolina Legislation Building

Public Policy

NC Farm Bureau's Public Policy staff works on commodity, environmental and regulatory issues on behalf of farmers and private landowners. Staff members work on a number of other issues such as energy, labor, trade, transportation, safety, and other broad based issues impacting agriculture. In dealing with these issues, staff works closely with NCFB Government Relations staff on federal and state legislation. In addition, staff often works with members in responding to individual farmer needs.

Policy Development Process

Policy development is the very foundation on which all other Farm Bureau activities are based. The position NCFB takes on legislation, regulations, or other public policy issues are determined by the policies that our voting delegates approve.

Our policies are derived through a grassroots policy development process that begins at the county level. County and state advisory committees serve an important role in surfacing areas of concern for various commodities and public policy areas. Once areas of concern are identified, counties decide whether to recommend policy related to those areas of concern and additional issues identified by members in the county. Policy recommendations that receive approval by the county Farm Bureaus are forwarded to the state Resolutions Committee for further consideration. Recommendations that are forwarded by the Resolutions Committee are reviewed by the voting delegates at the NCFB Annual Convention in December and, upon approval, become NCFB policy.

Public Policy Team

Mitch Peele

Senior Director, Public Policy
Biotechnology, Agricultural Chemicals, Water Resources, Energy, Endangered Species, N.C. Animal Ag Coalition, Policy Development

Jay Boyette

Director, Commodities
Peanuts, Tobacco, Field Crops (Grains), Poultry, Cotton, Farm Bill Implementation, Trade Issues, Forestry, Policy Development

Anne Coan

Director, Environmental Affairs
Water, NPDES/Non-Discharge Permit Issues, Animal Waste, AFO/CAFO Rules, Nutrient Trading, Sedimentation, River Basin Water Quality Plans & Rules, TMDLs, Phosphorus

Debbie Hamrick

Director, Specialty Crops
Emerging Agricultural Enterprises, Apiculture, Aquaculture, Greenhouse, Nursery, Sod, Fruits & Vegetables, Herbs, Medicinals, Viticulture, Organic Production

Chester Lowder

Director, Livestock
Sedimentation, Soil & Water Conservation, Animal ID, Animal Welfare, Dairy, Beef Cattle, Equine, Swine, Specialty Livestock, Farm Land Preservation

Paul Sherman

Director, Air & Energy Programs
Air Quality, Energy, Global Climate Change, Transportation

Herb Vanderberry

Public Policy Economist
Commodities, Economic Analyses, Water Resources, Wildlife/Hunting, Swine, Special Projects, Mineral Rights, Biotechnology, USFRA Liaison, and State and National Issues as assigned

Jake Parker

Legislative Counsel
Air Quality, Energy, Global Climate Change, Transportation