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Eminent domain bill passes House

A bill that would let North Carolinians vote on whether to tighten eminent domain rules by amending the state constitution passed the N.C. House Thursday, 104-9. HB 3, Eminent Domain, is now headed to the Senate.

Under current statutes, private and public entities may exercise the power of eminent domain to acquire property for the public use or benefit. HB 3 would limit the power of eminent domain solely to public use, which would better protect private property owners, through an amendment to the state constitution. The bill comes in response to the U.S. Supreme Court's 2005 Kelo decision, which held that a city could condemn private property, citing eminent domain, for construction of a shopping center. NCFB supports the bill and will work to advance it through the Senate.

Finally, this week's reminder: March 15 is Ag Day at the Legislature! Make plans to be a part of this important event reflecting the impact of the state's largest industry, agriculture. For more information, contact your county board or your district field rep.

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